At Camelbak I worked as a hard goods designer combining my passion for the outdoors, cycling and design.


Camelbak Chute MAG

Chute Mag is the next generation of the popular Camelbak Chute bottle - the most robust, adventure-ready bottle in the company’s lineup.

It is a ragged bottle with a high-flow spout designed to makes it easy to chug without spilling. Chute Mag gets its name after magnetic cap that allows for an easy spout cap stow while drinking or pour one-handed. No more fumbling to keep the cap out of the way.

I led Industrial Design of the Chute Mag bottle family from initial research to production.



Podium Bottle is a high performance squeeze bottle orginally designed for bike specific use. However second iteration of Podium was redesigned to span across 2 distict market spaces : Bike and Fitness. To do so, the design compromised on some of the bike specific features while the “sport “ collection has not seen great success.

I led research and design efforts to reintroduced Podium as a bike specific bottle and reinforced its position as a best selling bike bottle in the world.


As an avid cyclist, Podium project was especially close to my heart.

With the rest of the Project Team we extensively tested prototypes on each stage of development making sure the new Podium lives up to the expectations of the professional cyclists as well as daily commuters and weekend riders.

I also designed the fanny pack. ——>

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 8.26.59 PM.png

Podium Peak

As an outcome of Podium 3.0 research we also added Fitness specific vessel to the squeeze bottle family.  Both bottles share the same cap but have two distinct form factors that adress specific needs of its core users.

Three sided design of the Podium Peak vessel allows for better hand fit ands squezebility during high intensity exercise.

The bottle fit into a range of bike and fitness specific soft goods.