Designed at MOCACARE

IF Design Award, Product Design winner


 MOCAheart is a portable cardiovascular health monitor.


MOCAheart is a portable health device. It measures heart and vascular health along with customized information (location, weather and personal notes) so that measurements are tailored to a user's daily routine and activities. .

Taking measurements with MOCAheart is simple and intuitive – the user just need to place two fingers on MOCAheart’s indented sensor and electrode surface. The device uses medical-grade sensors to measures heart rate, blood oxygen level, and MOCA INDEX, a color-coded scale related to blood pressure that is designed to enables anyone without medical background to understand their cardiovascular health status.


MOCAheart aims to make tracking health as effortless as possible for people of all ages. That is why, above all, it is designed to be functional and intuitive.
The device enclosure is made fully out of medical grade materials, including stainless steel and highly biocompatible plastic. With no superfluous coatings MOCA’s stainless steel top surface is unlikely to cause you any allergies (plus it spare environment from pollution, too)